Adventure Roaming is experience and user centered. We want to bring the world to our readers through different trips, reviews, interviews, etc. We also want to be a resource for people interested in hiking to be able to pick up bits of information here and there to put there own gear lists together and find what works for them.

Through our system of blog posts, vlogs, how-to’s, and trip reviews, we want to empower our readers and our fellow hikers to get out there on the trail and do what they love. We want to share in their experiences and welcome their stories for everyone to hear. There is always something to be learned from a trip or hike that someone takes. Hiking, backpacking, traveling and the like is always a learning experience and with your help we can make savvy travelers out of everyone.

Join in the community and let your opinions be heard. Comment on the posts and videos and let us know your tips and techniques. Together we can foster a culture to get back in the outdoors.

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