Winter Camping Not Your Thing?

Here in the Northeastern United States winter can come fast and abruptly. Temps can all of a sudden drop and the seasons change just like that. If you’re not prepared this can cause some problems, or difficulties at least. Camping and hiking in the winter months takes special gear and preparation, but what if camping in the winter elements is not your thing? What do you do then.

1. Make a hiking calendar

  • If you’re like a most of the population, you have a job with vacation time to use throughout the year. If you’re like a smaller percentage, you need to put in for that vacation well in advance. Take this opportunity to plan some excellent hikes that you have always wanted to do during the warmer months and create a longer term hiking plan. 4th of July in the Adirondacks, or Labor Day in the Sierras? Whatever you choose write it down and spend the off time or winter months preparing for your trip.
  • 2. Hibernate and save $$$

  • While making a hiking or trip calendar is awesome, you likely won’t get there without those dead presidents (money). Use the winter months to save up and budget for those trips. By doing it this way you can plan bigger and longer trips while giving yourself a more enjoyable experience. Do your research and determine a dollar amount you will need for the trip, create a sinking fund or an amount you will set aside each month, and start saving. By the time you are ready to go on the trip all that you will have left to do is execute.
  • Don’t be afraid to take that trip you’ve always dreamt about either. Tour de Mont Blanc, Camino de Santiago, sections of the AT, PCT, or CDT? Whichever you choose form a trip plan AND a money plan and follow through.
  • 3. Try Winter Hiking/ Camping

  • As the old adage goes “You can’t knock it until you try it”. Borrow or rent some gear and using the steps above take a winter or cold weather trip. You may find that you actually enjoy it. When we sat at the dinner table as kids my parents always made us take a “no thank you bite”. Why should outdoor activities be any different? You might just surprise yourself.
  • Summary

  • So we just went over 3 quick and easy ways to use your time in the cold weather months. Plan, Save, and Try. If you have experience with planning or budgeting for your calendar year of hiking trips share with us in the comments section. If you’ve found this post useful be sure to hit the like button as well. Thanks for reading and as always…
  • Stay tuned for more.
  • ~Josh
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