DIY: Make Your Own Whoopie Slings

You’ll need a few things before you get started.
  •  sharpie marker
  • a nail or bobby pin
  • Loop turner tool
  • Sharp knife, razor, or scissors
Fixed loop with locked brummell 
Take one end of the Amsteel and taper the end. To do this use the nail or bobby pin to remove individual braided strands from the bunch and cut them off using the scissors or razor. Make your tapered end about an inch long to ensure it does not come off your loop turning tool as you pull it through itself. After you have tapered the end lay the Amsteel flat on a table and mark with a sharpie 5” and 11” after your tapered end. When finished this will leave with roughly a 3” loop.
Next, go to the 11” mark and split the strands in half with your loop turning tool. This is make easier by pushing the Amsteel together to “open” the braided strands. Once you’ve got the loop turning tool through and you have ensured that you have an even amount of strand on both sides put the tapered end into the loop turning hook, and slowly pull it through the split to make a loop. Pull the Amsteel through the split until you see your 5” mark come through. You will be using this 5” mark to crest the actual locked brummell.
Repeat the steps on the 5” mark splitting the strands, but this time you are going to pull the long end through this split. This is what created the fixed loop so it cannot expand. After you have the fixed loop with a locked brummell you should be left with a tail. This needs to be hidden inside of the long part.
To do this line the tail up with the long portion of the Amsteel and pick a spot about 2” after the end of the tail. Push the Amsteel together and insert the loop turner inside the actual braided strands. Push the turner up along the Amsteel until you get to the fixed loop tail. Expose the tip of the loop turner as close to this point as possible and attach the short tails tapered end. Proceed to pull it into itself until it comes out your original entry point. Detach the loop turner and run your fingers down the Amsteel from the fixed loop to the long tailed end. This is called milking the burry and will hide the reamainder of The brummell tail.
What you are then left with is a fixed loop that you will eventually larks head knot to your tree strap.
Adjustable Loop
To make the adjustable loop portion of the whoopie sling is fairly simple. From the end of the burry on the fixed loop measure 6 inches and make a mark. From the mark that was just made you want at least a 10 inch burry. For mine, I made a roughly 13″ burry to give more grabbing or constricting surface area. To accomplish this you’ll want to measure 14″ after your 6″ mark. Measuring 14″ will account for about the 1″ of loss you will experience as the Amsteel will not be able to return to its original diameter.
After you have marked your measurements you’ll want to open up the Amsteel on the 6″ mark and insert your loop turning tool into the hollow core of the cord. Push your turner up the length of the burry and come out at your 14″ mark. Next, if you are attaching a whoopie hook to this sling this is point where you will want to attach it.  Take the long end of the Amsteel and attach the tapered end and thread the whoopie hook onto the long tail. Then, attach the tapered end to the loop turner. If you’re not attaching a hook to the sling, I highly suggest a bead of some sort so that the loop cannot be pull inside itself turning the sling inside out. Lastly, carefully pull the tapered end back through your burry and exiting at your 6″ mark. You now have your adjustable loop.
Tidy up that loose end
The Last thing you’ll want to do is to tidy up that tapered end. Fold the end of the adjustable tail about 3″ in from the end creating a crease in the Amsteel. Next, proceed about 2″ past that mark and insert the loop turner into the core of the Amsteel. Proceed up the core and exit right at the crease mark you created. Attach the tapered end to the turner ad pull the tail through itself until just before it’s about the turn into itself. Detach the tapered end and you should be able to “Milk the burry” to hide the tapered end and create a larger diameter that cannot be pulled back through your 13″ adjustable portions burry.
What you have now is roughly and 8′ whoopie sling that you can larks head knot onto your tree strap and attach directly to your hammock’s newly installed continuous loop. I have found this method to be easier and quicker for adjusting than the stock Hennessy rope suspension. It’s also allows for very neat and organized storage. I hope this step by step instructional has helped. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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