Gear Review: Eureka Casper 15°

Rating: 4of5_stars 4 out of 5


  • Affordable
  • Great insulation
  • Versatile
  • Packable
  • Double zipper


  • Heavy
  • Slim fit

Today we are going through a great 3 season sleeping bag. The Eureka Casper 15° is an entry level piece of gear that provides everything it’s user needs in a synthetically insulated bag. This bag has the warmth, loft, and is packable enough to take into the wilderness.

The first thing you will notice about this bag is that it is affordable. While a sleep system is easily one of the big three that you can break the bank on, the Casper 15 doesn’t do that. Coming in at $80-$100 USD you can get a lot of bang for the buck. For comparison the Big Agnes Upper Slide SL 20 comes in with comparable specs and will cost you $199.95 USD at REI. At $80 this bag is great if you’re not sure if you’ll like spending nights in the woods.

Next, we noticed the weight coming in at 2 lbs 15 oz. (1.33 kg). This is also comparable to the down competitors as well for far cheaper as we said before. Comparing the Casper to another one of Big Agnes’ bags it’s 11 oz. (311.8g) heavier. Although these savings are almost 3/4 of a pound it’s safe to say you can shave in other areas to make up for this as you put your beginning gear together. Remember that weight savings is a constant battle and process. You have find what works for you and what your preferences are. Sometimes the weight is worth it.

As with most all other sleeping bags, this synthetic bag is going to retain it’s insulating properties when wet so that may be a huge plus if you’re just starting out and are going to be prone to mistakes. Whether it be setting up and the bottom of a hill or not attaching a rain fly correctly. These things happen even to the most experienced campers, but it’s better to have the protection than end up in a compromising situation.

What we like:

We have tested this bag on multiple multi-night trips and it has always performed well. It has a nice double no snag zipper which is great for venting and cooling down at the end of a long day of miles. You can simple crawl in, open the foot box and let the air vent out. After about an hour or so when you cool down you can close the zipper and be nice and comfortable. Sleep hot? Unzip it and use it quilt style.

Use it as a quilt!

This bag can also be used quilt style on warmer nights. This is especially useful in summer and early fall camping. There is no need to have 2-3 different sleeping bags because this one can do it all. You may have to deal a bit with the mummy head at the top in your face, but we think that’s an okay trade off. It also sports a closed foot box as well so your feet can always be covered and help you with bag orientation in the dark.

Electronics pocket

The Casper 15 sports a nifty electronic pocket right inside the bag to keep your phone, iPod, or other battery powered devices. This can be useful on cooler nights when keeping your electronics close to your body is important for battery preservation. This can ensure that it stays put and is easy to find in the morning.

Sleeping pad pocket

IMG_5502This bag also allows you to attach it to a sleeping pad as well. With a big space at the head end of the bag and two loops at the feet you can slip the sleeping pad in and secure it at the bottom to ensure you pad stays with you throughout the night. Now we haven’t tested this feature out for ourselves, but we can imagine that it would be quite useful for those who may use inflatable sleeping pads ensuring that you get a restful nights sleep.

Trapezoidal foot box

IMG_5499While we feel that the bag could be a little roomier this is a great sleeping feature of this bag. The shape of the foot box is not a regular flat shape but instead trapezoidal meaning your feet have a bit more room to move. It also has a dual purpose of creating more loft and dead air space for insulation.

While there are a lot of good things about this bag like performance, cost, and other creature comforts there are some downsides too. We wouldn’t be doing this review justice if we skipped the cons. Here are a few things we noticed.

What We Don’t:


The weight on this bag comes in at just under 3 lbs (1.36 kg) and could be a little lighter, but for the rating and performance it’s not all that bad. The one thing we did notice is that this bag in its regular is a bit narrow.

Narrow fit

Our tester is a 5′ 10″ male weighing 200lbs with shoulders measuring about 21″. The bag measures 28″ across at the widest point and 79″ long. While you may find that the 28″ is enough we like to have a bit more room in our bags.


Overall, we feel the Eureka Casper 15 is an awesome intro 3 season bag that is good for all round use. It’s a versatile bag for a price that will not break the bank and allow you to invest money into other gear. Be weary if you’re a larger person that this bag is a bit “fitted”, but does not necessarily have to be a deal breaker. The bag is a bit heavy, but not an outliar in the synthetic 15°-20° category so don’t let that hold you back. We will continue to use this bag because it still has a purpose in our gear list.

Stay tuned for other gear reviews! Until next time,

Happy adventuring!

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